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I have lived in a few states, but as a Native Texan, Houston is my home. There are few cities that can match Houston’s vast diversity of living environments, even fewer which can accommodate your needs all within a few miles. As a former pro-cyclist, I enjoy seeing all the potential Houston, and its surrounding areas, has to offer from the seat of my bike. I consider it my one-on-one time with the city. And as I learn more about your real estate endeavors, I think you will find my research has made me better prepared to match you with options you are seeking.

The life of cycling lead me to the path of Chiropractic. After earning my Doctor of Chiropractic degree, from Life University – Marietta, Georgia, I practiced Chiropractic near Memphis, Tennessee. As part of my commitment to the community and a healthy lifestyle, I enjoyed giving lectures to local area Spanish-speaking churches and organizations on topics of health and nutrition.

While I thoroughly enjoyed practicing holistic healing and promote it today, I could not deny my natural passion for Real Estate and the opportunity of matching sellers and buyers.

Coupled with my stamina and keen eye for Real Estate, I am able to fuse many of my passions; after all, you cannot live well and prosperous without living healthy.

I look forward to going the extra mile for you.

Dr. Fabian Trujillo


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